Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Use ChemBytes for Phase Changes

The ChemBytes website has a sophisticated set of learning resources for phase changes. Simulations and practice questions are included.

Link to ChemBytes: Phase Changes

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Use ChemBytes for Heat and Energy

The ChemBytes website contains a sophisticated set of learning resources for heat and energy, incorporating simulations and practice problems.

Link to ChemBytes: Heat and Energy...

Use ChemBytes for Balancing Equations and Stoichiometry

The ChemBytes website contains a great set of resources for teaching the basics of balancing equations and the conservation of matter.

Link to ChemBytes: Conservation of Matter...

M&M Demonstration

To emphasise the quantitative aspect of the first order decay process, you can use a demonstration on the visualizer – take 40 M&Ms and place them face up (the ‘M’ up) in a clear Tupperware container. This is the population at t=0. Ask a student volunteer to come and shake the container (...

Glow Stick Temperature Demonstration

An easy macroscopic lecture demonstration of the effect of temperature on the rate is to take three glow sticks and three beakers into the lecture. Place beakers side by side. Place room temperature water in one beaker, ice water in the second and very hot water in the third.  Place a glow stick...