Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Story Telling

You can turn everything into a story in some way.  Analytical chemistry lends itself to that. You can link it to stories that are in the media, personal experiences, your own personal research experience or the student’s own experience. 


The Analytical Approach

Rather than focusing on techniques, you need to look at the big picture - a holistic big picture of the analytical approach. That’s not going to change, but over time the techniques do change. For example, radiological techniques such as scintillation counters are not used much anymore.

Contextualize Practical Course

Contextualize the practical component of the course and ask students to justify why a technique can be used for a particular sample.

Forensic Case Studies

When teaching forensic science you can make use of case studies, which is nothing more than story telling really.

Practice Spectroscopy

Extensive problem solving is essential when doing spectroscopy, because it’s such an applied field.