Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Multiple Projectors to Connect Concepts

Use multiple projection screens simultaneously. Move between screens, explaining concepts separately and then linking them together.

Forbidden Transitions Analogy

Use an analogy for forbidden transitions in phosphorescence: Anecdotes from the movie 'Born American' (1986). American Backpackers cross from Finland into Soviet era Russia and try to get out again!

Student Response Devices

Use response devices. In the larger first year classes you can use socratic mobile phone quizzes or other technology to get responses from the whole class. Also you can pass around the microphone to hear their answers to the questions. But it’s often the extroverts who will volunteer to do that...

Student Discussions

Make the students think about the ideas themselves. Have them talk amongst themselves about it. If there’s too much lecturer in the lecture it just washes over them after five to ten minutes. They need to have a break, think about the problems, do a couple of problems and talk amongst themselves...

Mix the Students Up

Mix up who the students work with. They’ll sit where they choose in the lecture theatre and then turn them around so they work with people behind them. In that sense even if they’ve sat next to their friend, by turning around, or working randomly with the people in front or people behind, you...