Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description

Using clickers, put up say four ideas, and say, who thinks A and who thinks B, C, D. Now in the groups they need to defend their answer, and to talk about it. That way you get the feedback but you don’t have to say Bill, Mary, Jim, Jack, what do you think? You can get them to click their answers...

Small Group Work

Use small group student-centred interaction using structured work sheets that logically develop students' conceptual understanding. It’s a learning cycle approach.

Student Questions

It’s very difficult to get students to ask questions because they feel they’re being picked on. But if they start putting up their hand and other students see that you’re prepared to be receptive to that then more and more will start putting up their hands. Invariably they’re good questions...


Do a discussion and use GroupMap to get a consensus.

Link to GroupMap

Macroscopic Analogies

Students come in, like all of us, trying to apply macroscopic analogies to everything – (the billiard balls colliding and similar things) and using them as models for atoms. Try to get across that it's a simple analogy but it's not as simple as that in reality. I guess go back a step and try and...