Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Worksheets, Discussion and Responses

Lecture for five or ten minutes and use work sheets, which they pick up as they come in. Let them work on the worksheets, then have a discussion and use a response devise, like their mobile phones, to feed back answers.

Problem Breaks

Students’ patience in thinking about this material is quite short sometimes. So don’t lecture the material for very long. Have a break and get them to do a problem. Do this after introducing the topic, once it’s getting a little bit more concrete, that is, when they can actually work through a...

Relate to Student Interests

Relate the material to cool emerging areas such as quantum biology.

Relate to Students' Planned Careers

The nature of the students is that there are some that are interested in this topic in its own right. But many of them want to end up doing organic chemistry and pharmacology, or medicine of some sort. This is a theory which is too much physics for some of them, so you’ve always got to relate it...

Problem Breaks With Discussion

Make the students think about the ideas themselves. Have them talk amongst themselves about it. If there’s too much lecturer in the lecture it just washes over them after five to ten minutes. They need to have a break, think about the problems, do a couple of problems and talk amongst themselves...