Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
PhET Simulations

Use PhET and similar tools.

Link to PhET Colorado

Concentration vs Total Quantity

For a demonstration of concentration versus total quantity: get three 100 mL graduated cylinders. And put a bit of food colouring in one and maybe dilute to 10 mL. Put an equivalent amount of food colouring in another and make it up to 30 and 100 mLs. It’s the same amount of food colouring in 10...

Pre-Lab Activities

Carefully structure the pre-lab flow chart and pre-lab presentation to carefully explain all the key concepts involved.

Relevance of Practicals

Choose practicals that align closely with important topics. For Example, three ways of experimentally determining a rate law - all three ways should be used in the lab.

Introductory and Applied Practicals

Provide more than one practical on a topic - an introductory 'this is how it works', and a second 'applied' version.