Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Parallel Practicals

Run practicals in parallel with the curriculum.

Pebble Demonstration for Moles

Take something into the lecture theatre, like a bag of pebbles - a whole lot that are the same size and make sure that it is visibly a kilogram (or another specified mass). Also have chickpeas or some other smaller and lighter thing. When you have a kilogram it’s really easily recognisable that...

Limiting Reagents Using Sandwiches

Something you can do visually in the lecture theatre is to take in some things you wish to connect and make up an item. Or in PhET, for example, there’s a little activity you can do making sandwiches and you can work out how much you need of which one and whether you’ve got something that’s...

Visible Limiting Reagents

Use the example of something obvious, such as reaction between two compounds, and you get 200 tons of one, and half a gram of the other one - which one is the limiting reagent, and why is it the limiting reagent? Because you run out of it before you run out of the other one. It’s something that...

Reaction Simulations

Illustrate using technology – for example, simulations to show the particles involved in reactions.

Link to YouTube Video: Five Major Chemical Reactions