Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Teach Qualitative Cocepts First

Get students to have a qualitative understanding before they apply it. Teach the topic qualitatively and then they can realise that they can do calculations with it. Q and K would come later, after they have the qualitative understanding.

Link to Related Topics

Interconnect equilibrium with other topics – acid-base, reaction rates etc. You can introduce part of the topic of weak and strong acids and then do a bit of equilibrium, just enough to make sense of it.

Relate to other Subjects/Courses

Compare the material to what they might be learning in physics. For example, in Le Chatelier’s principle, a phrase like ‘counteract the change’ is similar to Lens’s Law in physics for electromagnetic induction. So maybe if students have a better grip of that they can see similarities there. It’s...

Introduce Equilibrium in Previous Topics

Start to flag the concept of equilibrium early when teaching other topics, saying this is the concept of equilibrium we’ve got to come to later. So students start to understand how it’s all interlinked, rather than it being a lone, odd concept?

YouTube Demonstrations

Use YouTube demonstrations which demonstrate well (gases etc) but would be difficult to do the real demonstration in a lecture theatre.

Link to YouTube Video: Le Chatelier's Principle