Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Nitrogen Dioxide/Tetroxide Demonstration

A visual demonstration of Le Chatelier’s principle involves the dynamic equilibrium between nitrogen dioxide and dinitrogen tetroxide gases. Fill a gas syringe with an equilibrium mixture of brown NO2 and colourless N2O4. The effect of pressure is shown by...

Demonstrations With Equations

Use demonstrations with equations concurrently. Use YouTube demonstrations which clearly show what’s happening

Link to YouTube Video: Dynamic Equilibrium

Repackage Into Simple Wording

Le Chatelier’s principle is quite cumbersome in its wording, so break that down into language that’s easier for students to understand - that’s called repackaging. Repackage of the concept and wording into language which students understand and can relate to. For example, if you heat the system...

Red Flag for New Words

Use red flags on lecture slides every time a 'new' defined word is used, to reiterate the meaning which is different to the meaning they might have encountered before. Even the word ‘equilibrium’ which has a meaning in the chemistry context and an everyday meaning. There will be literally a red...

Differentiate Q and K

Start by defining the Q and K, and saying that Q is your tool. K is over here and it doesn’t change, but Q is your tool to assess how close we are to K in terms of the system.