Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Be Available For Students

If a student comes to you with a fundamental misunderstanding, try to sit with them one-on-one if you can, and try to find out what their problem is and try to help them. Always try to be open, always try to be available. That’s very difficult in first year, due to the large number of students,...

Demonstrate Reaction During Lecture

Demonstrate a reaction that occurs within the time frame of your lecture. Start it at the beginning of the lecture, and then go back to it in the middle and at the end to show what has happened. For example, you can use copper in silver nitrate solution. 


Write Half Equations for Organic Reactions

You rarely see organic reactions split up into two half equations. You could show the link between redox and organic chemistry by getting them to write the half equations for reactions like the oxidation of an aldehyde, ketone or alcohol with permanganate, for example. You want them to realise...

Reinforce Oxidation/Reduction

Always show the corresponding reduction process when discussing oxidation and vice versa. Ask students to think about where electrons are moving to or from.

Simulate Dissolution

Use simulations and relate that to a chemical reaction. Eg. CoCl2 → Co2+ (aq) + 2Cl- (aq)

Link to PhET Simmulation: Sugar and Salt...