Teaching Strategies

Topic Strategy Title Description
Ions in the Real World

Give applications of ions in the real world. For example, neurotransmitters.

Solubility Demonstration

Use demonstrations when teaching about solubility. Students need to be thinking about what's going on. You have two clear solutions and when you mix them together a white precipitate forms instantly. Then decant the liquid and get them to think about what’s in the supernatant and what is the...

Emphasize Physical State

Put a bit more emphasis on the physical state of the substance that they are learning about. Because students often aren’t really able to imagine what kind of substance they are going to learn about. They will then know that they don’t have to calculate the volume if it’s a solid, for example,...

Equilibrium Simulation

Use demonstration or simulation of how both forward and reverse reactions occur up to and at equilibrium in several mixtures. The PhET simmulation below shows both reactions are happening, even though concentration of reactants and products isn't changing.


Swimming Pool Chemistry

Use several real life examples with different ways of causing the equilibrium to shift. Swimming pool chemistry:

HOCl can enter the cells of undesirable organisms to kill...