7. Assessment and Feedback

Assessment enables teachers to gain insight into what students know and can do, this information will have an important impact on teaching strategies. While a detailed description of best practice in assessment is beyond the scope of this project, some resources for improving assessment methods are available at http://www.designingforlearning.info/services/writing/ecoach/tips/tip64.htm

There is also a wide range of resources available to support academics with writing exam questions - reducing the amount of algorithmic problem-solving and heuristics required to perform well in exams will remove the need to teach this sort of content.

Assessment and feedback have a similar relationship to that of oxidation and reduction – one process depends on the other happening at the same time to be useful. 

Formative feedback to students should be built into assessment design so that they can learn from their mistakes. This can be as simple as sharing outcomes to problems practiced in class or guiding students in how to find and use their own feedback.

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